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Bring LOVE Everywhere is by far the most epic art project conceptualized by Wei of Very Small Exhibition and in collaboration with various artists. Bring LOVE Everywhere will feature three parts to this unique project designed to be interactive and immersive to bring communities together and inspire people to think about their own expressions of love.
Wei kicks off with a six night journey, on foot, to public spaces around Singapore in a heart formation pushing a sculpture in the form of the letters - LOVE. Exhibition tour of the sculpture follows thereafter at various locations across the island for more people to experience the art. The first location commences at the National Design Centre for 4 weeks starting Feb 11th. Accompanying these will be a monthly podcast exploring the varying topics of love hosted by the artist and presentation trainer-coach, Gary Chin, with our guests.

Very Small Exhibition started with three friends as an experimental exhibition / installation / project space in 2013, with the intention to give designers/artists a platform to experiment / showcase their work and hopefully bring a smile, curiosity or even wtf-ness to anyone walking past the work. As the lead artist, Wei is known for his Very Momentary Exhibition work in Singapore. He has collaborated on projects for Singapore Night Festivals, i-Light Marina, NOISE Singapore and other projects in Singapore, Prague and New York.

Watch MTV Asia's segment on Wei here.
See some of his rainbow light installations @verysmallexhibition.

Love is a universal language that anyone can immediately identify but in Asia in particular is not often a spoken expression. With the pandemic affecting so many people, there is no better time to share love and help spread the message of love between people.
As humans, we all need love and to show love to one another. This has been Wei's dream project since iLight Singapore 2016 when he created the first iteration of the LOVE sculpture. His hope is to inspire as many people as possible to know they’re loved and to love others more.
This light art performance-exhibition self-initiated by the artist is an expression of love for his country, his family, his friends and his art. It is also to encourage others to spread the message of love.
In January 2022 artist, Wei, kicked off with a six night journey, on foot, to public spaces around Singapore in a heart formation while pushing a sculpture in the form of the letters - LOVE.

Wei will literally bring a lighted LOVE Sculpture everywhere in Singapore by foot on Sunday Jan 23rd 2022 for 6 nights (hopefully), and through the rest of the year.

Join Wei on the walk or come by the various pit stops he'll be making. At each stop across the island, you will be able to come up to the sculpture to take pictures and write your message on a specially designed sticker to stick onto the sculpture itself. (One each please!) Literally having your messages of love pushed around the island for you. How awesome is that?! There will be cameras as we're filming this performance for a documentary so don't be surprised and do smile if you come face to face with Lawrence, our film director, with his crew.
The sticker also includes an AR filter designed by Wei, that transforms the mobile phone users’ environment into a shower of hearts and random messages of love. Don’t forget to capture the hypnotic sounds specially composed by The Analog Girl for the sculpture.
Wei will be hosted by a few individuals each night during the 6 night performance. They will be featured in a documentary that is being put together and slated to be released by April/May 2022. The film also includes interviews with the artist as well as his parents.

Read the behind the scenes stories in the interview of Wei about Bring LOVE Everywhere by Wonderwall.sg.

"Bring LOVE Everywhere" is by far the most epic art project conceptualized and self-initiated by Wei of Very Small Exhibition and in collaboration with various artists. The first of its kind art performance-installation, Bring LOVE Everywhere features three parts to this unique project designed to be interactive and immersive. It aims to bring communities together and inspire people to think about their own expressions of love.
Not only was Wei bringing this light art to people, he was carrying the proclamations of these people from all walks of life when they penned down their hopes, dreams and wishes on AR-enabled stickers. Some poignant, some political, some just plain silly but all heart.
Exhibition tour of the sculpture followed thereafter at various locations across the island for more people to experience the art. Accompanying these is a monthly podcast series exploring the varying topics of love hosted by Wei and presenter- life coach, Gary Chin, with our guests.

以上是联合早报在2022年4月对 Bring LOVE Everywhere 的专访与报道。《环岛徒步推“爱” 用彩虹照亮生活空间的魔法师》.

Read The Straits Times article: "Artist pulls sculpture across Singapore on foot to Bring LOVE Everywhere".

The film “6 Nights with LOVE” ran a private screening on 10 September 2022 at National Design Centre. It chronicle the painstaking journey as Wei explores the question "What is love?" through people along the way and the hosts of his rest stops - how do they love, what do they love, what are their motivations? Witness the responses of people along the way. Uncover the love expressions of the hosts of his rest stops - how do they love, what do they love, what are their motivations?
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PART 1: Bring LOVE Everywhere 6-night Walk (23–28 Jan 2022)

Witness the LOVE sculpture being transported by foot from one location to another location. The whole performance will be recorded on video and produced into a documentary.

PART 2: Bring LOVE Monthly Podcast

Lean in as Wei and Gary interview interesting individuals related to Singapore and chat about their stories of love over Singapore's first love – food!

PART 3: Bring LOVE Everywhere Exhibition Tour

We collaborate with various organizations located in different parts of Singapore to showcase the project and spread love in their respective communities. Check out different AR filter updates at each stop.

Photo from Project Lionheart Facebook page.


Project Lionheart, is a nationwide initiative running from September 2022 to January 2023 to share the many stories of Singaporeans who persevered through the Covid-19 pandemic. The spirit of this nation were exemplified through the themes of Hope, Compassion, Duty, Invention and Strength.

When we were invited to lead the artistic aspect of the project and create 5 original art work, it was without a doubt the essence of hope was embodied in the Bring LOVE Everywhere project.

Where there's love, there will always be hope. With that, Wei transformed the LOVE sculpture into HOPE – dismantling LOVE one bottle at a time, re-designed the architecture of this new formation, and re-constructing the bottles and wiring all over again.

HOPE can be seen along with my four other art installations and stories of Project Lionheart. As it is a roving exhibition, it will move from one location to the next within short periods of time across the island. Find out where it is by following @verysmallexhibition and @projectlionheartsg.

Read more about Project Lionheart on mustsharenews.com.

A video interview with Project Lionheart.


This project could not happen without the following individuals and organizations.

Project Manager, Podcast Co-Host

From Singapore to San Francisco and back. from MNC to SMB, Gary combines over 20 years of sales and marketing practice to his work today. Gary's passion is to be the catalyst to help people find the spark that makes them happier and live life more abundantly through art, coaching and wellness products. Today he is an executive presentation trainer-coach, an artist management consultant and wellness living product creator.


Film Director

Movies like Grease and Mary Poppins made such an impact on him in his formative years, that he knew he wanted to work in the media industry at any capacity. Lawrence started out as a photographer and video producer in weddings and gradually extended to fashion, food, corporate and commercials in his repertoire. He was one of the photographers selected by MCCY to chronicle the going-ons in a hawker centre for 24 hours straight in support of Singapore’s nomination for UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Lawrence is constantly looking at new ways to grow his art especially with new technology including Extended Reality (XR) where he looks to include AR into his works. As an adjunct lecturer at Lasalle College of the Arts and Temasek Polytechnic, he fosters the future in creativity in photography and film.



Music Composer

What started out as a lo-fi bedroom project using portable synthesizers and cassette tape recorders has since evolved into some kind of dreamlike technicolour pop universe - one in which Singaporean electronic avant-pop musician The Analog Girl creates and performs using a myriad of illuminating instruments including the Tenori-On, Monome and Percussa AudioCubes.
Named by TIME magazine as one of 5 Music Acts To Watch in 2008, The Analog Girl has had audiences plugged into her sound at a spectrum of venues and festivals worldwide including Nick Knightʼs SHOWstudio Revue in London, Worldtronics Festival at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, and Superdeluxe in Tokyo.
She has also composed soundscapes for buildings, spaces and exhibitions, including ALICE@Mediapolis in Singapore, and MSCTY x Sculpture in the City for Jake Elwes’ A.I. video installation Latent Space in London.


Drone Pilot

Pilot Tong founded ThrottleUp Creation right after he has obtained his UAPL (Unmanned Aircraft Pilot License), in the mids of Covid19 pandemic. "When all of us cannot travel overseas during this tough period, let's just take 'domestic flights' in Singapore and do something awesome." he said, as he go around the sunny island, flying and taking FPV drone videos of everyday places & people but with a new perspective.
Meanwhile, Tong also runs his own consulting business with more than a decade of experience managing commercial projects between Japan and Singapore.
He is also a MOE registered instructor for CCA/CLUBS & SOCIETIES (ROBOTICS), and a registered trainer with People's Association.





Bring LOVE Everywhere is a self-initiated project by Very Small Exhibition for all of 2022. Funding to sustain the cost of building and maintaining the project to bring happiness and create fond memories for as many people as possible requires the support of individuals and corporate sponsors including the following. We welcome anyone interested to be a part of this project to contact us for sponsorship opportunities. Please contact love@verysmallexhibition.com to explore your options for Bring LOVE Everywhere or other commissioned projects.